Thermo plastic Chemical Tanks

The design, manufacture, installation & commissioning of chemical storage thermo plastic chemical tanks in polypropylene or GRP reinforced PVC storage tanks



Gee-Chemsafe Tanks & Bunds

Integrally bunded storage tank system providing a self contained solution to the safe storage of aggressive liquids.





Custom thermoplastic  fabrications including
rectangular tanks up to 150m3 capacity.



Test &


In situ inspection &
certification services for both Gee plastic tanks and those of other manufacturers.



About Gee Tanks

WelcomeWith more than 30 years’ experience, Gee is at the forefront of the thermoplastic chemical storage tanks, bund and fabrications industry. We take a client concept, lead it through design and engineering – and then onwards to embrace manufacturing, testing, delivery and – if required – installation.

Gee is a major manufacturing source of tanks and bunds for the safe storage of a wide range of aggressive chemicals and other materials with a capacity range of up to 150,000 litres.

We provide high-grade systems for chemical storage and metering applications accross a comprehensive range of liquids, powders, slurries and emulsions.

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Chemical Tanks
Over 30 years experience
in the design, manufacture,
installation and
commissioning of standard
& custom built specialist chemical storage tanks & associated equipment.


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Case Studies

Sodium Hypochlorite tank

for replacement for cooling tower disinfection


De-Icing Plant

keeps commuters on the rails


Drywhite Ltd

choose Gee chemical tanks for replacement programme

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Industry Spotlight of a…

Chemical Storage Tanks Manufacturer

The advantage of factory built storage tank and bund systems which can be pre-assembled prior to shipment to site is seen as a major benefit to end users. They often do not have the in-house engineering skills to design a safe and effective storage system for themselves. Gee & Co can provide that service…

Chemical Storage Tank and Bund System

Klenzan Ltd one of our leading suppliers of CIP chemicals to the food and drinks industry have chosen this route to provide a solution to their wide range of customers through use of the Gee-Chemsafe chemical storage tank and bund system.

The Gee-Chemsafe systems ranging in size up to 50m3 are first manufactured and assembled at Gee’s Birmingham manufacturing plant. They are then broken down for transport and ease of re-assembly at the clients site.

Comments Gee’s Bob Sleigh. For sometime now we have been asked to find a simple cost effective solution to end users who want to install tank and bund systems as a complete package.Gee-Chemsafe does that and provides a solution which is proving particularly popular with the market place.

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