Gee & Co’s Role in De-icing Plant Keeps Commuters on the Rails

With performance targets very much in mind, preparations to keep electric trains running on time is a key part of the build-up to the inevitable winter freeze. To achieve these objectives, substantial investment has been made in recent years to install on-board de-icing plant.

Delivering glycol de-icer

Development of a system for the rail industry has been carried out collaboratively by Harmill Engineering and Gee & Co., the Birmingham-based engineering group. One result of these developments is a system of delivering glycol de-icer into on-board train tanks. One such system is now operating for London Underground Limited, ensuring that its trains maintain frost-free current
collection from the third rail. A critical part of this solution is the design of a concept – comprising chemical make-up systems, chemical storage tanks and associated control systems – that has the flexibility to take local conditions into account, particularly on sites with limited space or difficult access.

Chemical safety


In common with the handling and storage of any chemical, safety is a prime consideration. Recent installations have included polypropylene-lined GRP aminate storage tanks and storage bunds from the Gee Chemsafe range. These were manufactured to BS 4994:1987, which included independent third party inspection  Also used are chemical storage tanks and storage bunds manufactured in polypropylene to BS EN 12573, the standard for welded static non-pressurised storage tanks and storage bunds.

Single-sourced solution

Comments Bob Sleigh, Gee’s business development manager, “Working for the rail industry comes with its own special challenges. Often, we find ourselves having to build chemical plants in very constrained locations. The full design, build, installation and commissioning service that Gee provides in partnership with Harmill Engineering, offers a single-sourced solution. It helps provide a reliable way of helping the rail network to keep the wheels moving through difficult weather conditions”, he says.

Photograph: A fifteen cubic metre capacity Gee-Chemsafe tank and bund system, manufactured in polypropylene pictured during final inspection stage, prior to shipment. It is complete with Gee-built steelaccess ladder and platform .

Case Studies

Sodium Hypochlorite tank

for replacement for cooling tower disinfection


De-Icing Plant

keeps commuters on the rails


Drywhite Ltd

choose Gee chemical tanks for replacement programme

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