Gee Chemsafe & Bunded Storage Tanks

Image: Quotation MarkGee Chemsafe. The self contained solution for safe liquid storage.Image: Quotation Mark

Chemical Dosing Systems


    • Bunded Storage TanksGee Chemsafe is an integrally bunded storage tank system which provides a self contained solution to the safe storage of aggressive chemicals and other liquids.
    • Gee Chemsafe comprises a storage tank with its own dedicated 110% capacity bund.
    • Easy to install: Just offload, bolt down, connect the pipe work and take delivery from your chemical supplier.
    • Gee Chemsafe complies with HSE guidance on the bunding of chemical tanks to protect against spillage and overfill.
    • Supplied complete with fill lines, outlet pipe work and valves, plus a choice of contents gauging technology which includes ultrasonic level detection systems, pneumatic systems, pressure gauges or mechanical float level indicators.
    • For indoor use or outdoor use with weather covers to prevent rainwater ingress.
    • Gee Chemsafe is available with GRP or Galvanized Mild Steel ladders and access platforms.

Case Studies

Sodium Hypochlorite tank

for replacement for cooling tower disinfection


De-Icing Plant

keeps commuters on the rails


Drywhite Ltd

choose Gee chemical tanks for replacement programme

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