After Sales Support

We are committed to supporting you and your Gee systems on a life-time basis. Whether you purchase a single tank or a major turnkey chemical dosing or effluent recovery plant, Gee will always support you.

We will deliver a programme of support tailored to meet your needs – whether your system was originally supplied by us or by another manufacturer.

Site support is provided through our team of dedicated service engineers and field technicians who are fully trained in Gee products, systems engineering and software, and also in the handling and storage of chemicals and trade effluent,

By working with you on a managed programme of preventative maintenance, the overall costs of ownership can be reduced and safety thresholds raised. Most importantly of all, your equipment and system availability is maintained at its optimum performance level ensuring maximum efficiency in processing and production.

Case Studies

Sodium Hypochlorite tank

for replacement for cooling tower disinfection


De-Icing Plant

keeps commuters on the rails


Drywhite Ltd

choose Gee chemical tanks for replacement programme

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